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36v HD Lithium Downtube Mounted Battery


36v Lithium Downtube Mounted Battery

Plug and Play compatibility with conversion kits

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Product Description

 36v Lithium Downtube Mounted Battery
  • Connector for Plug and Play compatibility with conversion kits
  • Includes Mount to attach to water bottle bosses
  • Battery locks into mount and includes 2 keys
  • Removes quickly from mount for charging away from the bike
  • Lightweight, only 7 pounds
  • Keeps center of gravity low for better handling
  • Use Genuine Samsung and Panasonic Cells
  • BMS to protect from overcharge and over discharge
  • Includes 2 amp charger

Our 36v Lithium Batteries are built using the Samsung (SDI-ICR18650-22P) cells.  These batteries were especially selected to power the 36 volt Bafang 8FUN mid drives but will work with most all Ebike motors requiring a 36v source. When comparing or selecting batteries it is very important to know and consider the “C” rating of the battery. See chart below to help make your selection.

Range will vary based on terrain, rider weight, speed, acceleration, wind and other factors.  At 20mph on flat ground with a 170lb rider, you can expect a 25+ mile to 35+ mile range depending on the capacity of battery you choose.  The batteries securely mount to the base and can be locked into place with the included keys.  Batteries can be removed easily without disconnecting any wires to charge indoors or to swap in a fully charged battery for extended ride time.

Guide to selection of 36v batteries

36volt – 10.25Ah (2C) suitable for the 250 watt mid drive, marginal for the 350watt mid drive

36volt – 12.3Ah (2C) suitable for both the 250 and 350 watt mid drives

Dimensions: 85mm (3 3/8″) thick. 130mm (5 1/8″) high, 350mm (13 3/4″) long

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs


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