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by EMPowered » Sep 17 2020 3:02pm
An interesting perspective. Matt at empowered. The 28A and 30A comparison is interesting and an answer for those complaining about a 28A BBSHD limit.

52 volt firmware from Bafang limits current to 28 amps down from 30 amps and this is a special request for Bafang to load this firmware to not throw the error 7 code with 52 volt batteries, it negates any supposed 8% performance increase. They do not want 52 volt batteries. They do not ship a 52 volt labeled motor.

28 amps X 58.8 volts = 1646 watts, 30 amps X 54.6 volts = 1638 watts.

So whats the point/advantage? 52 volt is hype imo. You have to use an old version of firmware to get 30 amps at 58.8 volts. I am not saying 52 volts is bad, just over rated. You need a much larger voltage increase to really make a difference.

The important point I am trying to make is to help people avoid buying the 52 volt hailong packs because they are cramming cells into a 48 volt designed case. There are a lot of these for sale and I see more and more people with these packs.

If 52 volt is not mostly hype with minimal to no benefits, please share your thoughts why?

And please new buyers, avoid buying those shoddy Hailong 52 volt packs!

Matt has been a respected Ebike dealer for a long time and has built a stellar reputation for customer care. We at California Ebike have had to deal with numerous problems related to the 52v batteries, specifically used on the the BBSHD motors. We know that the popularity of 52v batteries has increased over the years but the problems relating to the Bafang firmware has been very costly and  caused much frustration with our many customers.