Providing quality products and industry experience

Selling Ebike Conversion Kits and keeping our customers smiling is our whole reason for existence.  In order to fulfill our mission, we have collaborated with some of the best experts around the globe like Matt Timmins of Solarbike in Perth Australia.
We are very diligent in making sure our kits are constructed to the highest standards using the latest technologies available. Also, for a conversion kit to withstand the test of time, it must be assembled from components that are well matched to perform in harmony. With today’s very high, energy dense, lithium ion batteries, the last thing a customer wants is to overload any of the components.
The biggest source of concern is the battery in this case. A battery operating with mismatched components can fail very rapidly or in some cases over heat and possibly cause injury. Most of the cost for conversion kits is the battery and a good battery with Panasonic battery cells cost over $500 to replace.

Standing behind our products and supporting customers

Customer Service is where we stake our claim to being the best of the best. We take great pride in the fact that we never let a problem go unsolved. Let’s face it, happy customers are what drives our sales and we wont fall asleep on your watch either. This is actually so much more important than the initial cost of an ebike. Give us your trust and let us make you smile as well!

Thank You