Our History

California Ebike (CE) was launched in 2009 after my friends and I discovered the life-enhancing benefits of electric-assist pedaling via a simple hub motor kit and battery. Back in the day, this was the only conversion setup available! That said, I did some research and decided to engage the best resources available in China to start california-ebike.com. I was also lucky to know Mathew Timmins of Solarbike in Perth, Australia, who mentored me in my new endeavor and gave me the gift of his vast ebike experience.

Bafang mid-drives hit the market

Fast-forward to 2013, when Bafang (8 FUN), the now well-known Chinese ebike manufacturer, introduced its first mid-drive system ― the 350W BBS01, followed in 2014 by the 750W BBS02. I saw these new kits as a paradigm shift for the e-assist bicycle market and determined to put all future focus on this new development.

Becoming a Service Center for Bafang mid drive product

As the potential of these mid-drive kits quickly caught on among both foreign and U.S. retailers, it became obvious that replacement parts and customer service were going to be problematic. This was an inherent logistical problem in global commerce and was where we could offer our expertise. This would lead to my decision to make our niche in the ebike market as a Service Center for Bafang mid drive product.

Service, tech support, parts, tools and components

Our initial focus was on service, free tech support and a complete inventory of Bafang parts and components. The next logical step was to offer specialized components and tools built by California Ebike under its own trade name, something for which my background in engineering made me well-suited. Though we originally imagined our customers would be locally based, we soon discovered we had an international following. In fact, our sales continue to nearly double annually!

Meet the CE Team

Doug Snyder ― Owner

Before launching California Ebike in 2009, Doug spent three decades as owner/operator of Snyder Systems, a manufacturing business that designed and built automated machinery.

Mary Merschat ― Manager of Operations

Before joining California Ebike, Mary was a program manager at Kaiser Permanente where she was instrumental in setting up their vision department and a major KP drug distribution center.

Tom Jaszewski ― Tech Support

After a career as a renowned horticulturalist for the Mirage in Las Vegas, Tom and his wife retired to Winona, Minnesota. An avid, all-weather bike rider, Tom is California Ebikes technical expert and a respected contributor on the ebike forums.

The Future

Ebikes are here to stay and we are excited over the tremendous growth opportunities that will play out throughout the next decade. Over the past 10 years, pedal-assist bicycle use has increased exponentially and municipalities are scrambling to build infrastructure to accommodate this rapidly growing phenomenon. Ebikes are no longer limited to the two-wheel enthusiast, as 2, 3 and 4-wheel ebike vehicles are now in widespread use by commercial delivery and rental companies, commuters, seniors and people with disabilities, to name but a few.

A customer-driven company

How is California Ebike going to remain relevant in this new decade of rapid ebike adoption and change? Our desire is that CE remains true to its core mission of being a customer-driven company.

One look at the team will surely suggest to you that we have a lot of years of experience between us. Being the oldest at 78, I have made it known that I would like to spend more quality time with my wife and family, and have announced January 2021 as my official exit date from the business.

California Ebike needs you

So how do I keep the mission alive and continue the good will we have worked so hard to build? That’s where you come in. My reaching out at this time is not an attempt to recruit investors, but to connect with creative, vibrant and focused individuals who have the passion and commitment to continue building on what we have accomplished at California Ebike. Interested? Then please drop me an email or give me a call. Let’s talk about the future.

With respect and thanks,