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Visiting the folks at the Bafang booth-Interbike 2018

This year Bafang had a large presence at the Expo and your’s truly had some good conversations with their tech representatives. They still build the best mid drive system in China with little competition but they are still trying to figure out how or what to do about customer service and their image. That is a job California Ebike has been engaged in since they started making the mid drive product. They also are concerned about how the tariffs are going to impact their sales in the US.

Here is a photo I couldn’t resist taking of a real fun looking cargo bike at one of the vendor booths.

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EM3ev at Interbike Expo 2018

Paul Lynch, AKA “Cell Man” , owner of EM3ev was on hand this year in Reno, Nevada for the Interbike Expo. He was showing off his latest creations for which he is famous in the Ebike business, Lithium batteries. We have worked with Paul for a number of years now and marvel at how he is driven to excel, building the best battery packs in the business. He is always improving his battery packs and utilizes the latest technology available to give his customers the most troublefree experience that is followed up with the best customer service. He is featured on this post because he exemplifies the type of partner we love to work with.

Note: In the photo above, Mary Merschat, is resting in the Mac Motor booth on the right seated in the chair. Mary is the one who takes good care of our customers at California Ebike.

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EggRider V2 new product review

We are proud to announce this new featured product on our website.

Expect shipping by end of August.

EggRider features

  • Minimalist/Very compact waterproof design to not clutter your handlebar.
  • OLED screen, displaying the most important information all the time without having to connect the mobile app.
  • The display has integrated Level Up/Down buttons as well as quick mode switch Roar/OffRoad
  • Compatible with male/female 5 pin waterproof HIGO connectors (see image)
  • Voltage reading between 20V up to 62V.
  • Bluetooth LE for low power consumption.
  • Android and iOS mobile apps for more statistics and configurations.
  • Compatible with e-Bikes based on Bafang motors (including Sondors), Lishui and Kunteng controllers and many other brands we keep discovering.



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Redding’s Sundial Bridge to Lake Shasta

Sundial Bridge to Shasta Dam is a 38.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Redding, California that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

We recently completed 2 Terra Trike Rovers for Carl and MJ from Redding, CA (pictured above). Both bikes were fitted with BBS02B 750 watt and Hailong3 48v-17.5Ah battery packs. We also installed a gear sensor on Carl’s bike since he is running an 8 speed Sturmey Archer IGH. MJ is running a Nuvinci IGH and did not require a gear sensor. Both bikes retained their “parking” brakes and used Hidden Wire Brake sensors.

Carl and MJ are so looking forward to going on those longer rides now that their bikes can assist them with the help that they need. They wanted to share this wonderful ride with others looking for a great outing.


We are so sorry for Carl and MJ. About a week after they got their ebike conversions, and were beginning to really enjoy their new rides, all Hell broke loose in Redding. It appears that most of the beautiful trail going to Lake Shasta was consumed by fire.

[NATL-BAY] photo
I communicated with Carl and MJ after the news of the fire and learned that they were safe but the fire had burned all around their home devastating thousands of acres. A story that is all too common in California. Especially in recent years. All our best to Carl and MJ.


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BBP-1 Bearing Extractor 8mm

A new tool to help extract those hard to get to 8mm bearings which support the ends of the motor rotor on the BBS01/02 and BBSHD. This tool will be on the website shortly. For anyone who has tried to replace these bearings will know they are next to impossible without the proper tool since they are both in a blind hole recess. Watch for this tool in the “Tools” section of the website.

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Gates Carbon Drive . . . more info!

Gates Carbon Drive has publish a new manual of specs for use with the Bafang Max drive motor.For purpose built bikes.

Photo credit: Electric Bike Report

Thanks to James Dennis of Indianapolis for keeping us updated. A note to readers: this section relating to the Bafang product has since been removed from the original copy indicating there may be some unresolved issue with this information. We decided to go ahead and publish so the reader can at least glean useful information from it. click here to download GatesBafang Specs

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Hiking, Biking Adventures

I recently got acquainted with Anne & Mike Poe of Hiking Biking Adventures as they are in the process of moving to Slovenia. Anne needed a couple of batteries sent ahead to be ready when she and Mike arrive in June. If you check out their HBA website   you will find they are real pro’s in the endeavor of writing and describing their adventures. Their guidebooks give you wonderful detail and descriptions of their own experiences so you may discover the same wonderful trails armed with very helpful insights.

Hiking Telluride-Hikes Chart

As the Ebike rider base continues to expand there are more and more people discovering the enjoyment of riding an Ebike. Not only the avid bike riders but many others want to get more exercise and rediscover the great outdoors. They are finding the adventures that Anne & Mike describe in their guidebooks once again doable. Having this information readily available for the new explorers is very exciting and much needed.

Thank you Anne & Mike, we will continue to follow you with your new discoveries!



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Simple Hydraulic brake solution

The Juin Hydraulic brake system is the simplest solution for adding hydraulic brakes to any bike that can accommodate disc brakes. There are no hydraulic lines to fuss with and best of all, you use the standard Bafang cable brake levers with the electric cutoff.

Also, for those who want to continue to use, there are many that have high end or Parking Brake levers. This system would allow for that by adding in the Hidden Wire Brake Sensors.

Simple, affordable and quick installation . . . . .only $89.95

Sold as a set with:


2 calipers

2 160mm rotors

12 rotor mounting screws

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Relocate Battery mounting Holes

Finally, a component to relocate the mounting holes for your Downtube battery without drill extra holes.

B-RAD, which stands for Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device, is a system for organizing downtube battery mounting using bottle cage mounts. Available in two sizes, B-RAD bases can shift a bottle cage away from rear shocks, add room for tools or tubes below a bottle cage, or even provide space for a second bottle on downtubes.

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