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Satiator Smart Charger

Cycle Satiator by Grin Technologies

The Cycle Satiator is a universal charger for all types of ebike batteries. You can program up to 20 custom charge profiles for any lead, nickel, or lithium battery pack with a full charge voltage of 103V or less. This model is optimized for high voltage battery packs, from 48V to 84V nominal, and has a 5A max output current that is also limited to 360 watts.

Inlcudes North American AC power cord and output cable with 3-Pin XLR plug. If you plan to update the firmware or create custom named profiles from a computer rather than via button presses, then add one of the XLR adapter cables and a TTL->USB programming cable

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Bafang HD Rotor update

About six months ago, Bafang appearently changed the manufacturing process for the BBSHD motor rotor shafts. The result was that, in my opinion, the heat treating of the shafts caused brittle juncture where the 8mm shaft transitions to the helical gear section. That in turn caused many motors in the field to experience breakage at this transition.
Bafang then came up with a solution by re-designing the rotor shaft to to be much more durable and a more appropriate design for the high torque/high speed motor drive. The new design now features an 11mm shaft section through the lamination stack and a bearing journal that is 9mm in diameter.

Old style rotor

Now the delima is these new style rotors are much more durable but, as supplied by Bafang won’t fit the older style motor housings. California Ebike has many customers that need these rotors replaced but we also do not want to have them breaking again. So, we did a bit of research and determined that by removing the 629 bearing supplied by Bafang, we could then replace with a 609 bearing + 1mm spacer to fit the old style housings. So far all is working well and we will update the website so our customers can order the appropriate rotor replacement. Old or New style.

Check out the video showing how to install new bearing

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Jerry Heinsen, 3 years and going strong on his Raider’s Trike!


My Raiders Trike with your 250w 8Fun motor and Frog pack is just a couple of months short of 3 years old.

It is still working great in every way and has been completely reliable !

It hauls groceries and big stuff every week without a single complaint.

Thanks very much for an excellent product.

Merry Christmas to all at California eBike…

Jerry Heinsen

Bishop, CA

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A Blast from the Past! Original EV Global Ebike

As many of you know, California Ebike operates out of the Benicia Maker Space, a community based space for creativity and innovation. Recently a local couple donated 2 pristine original EV Global Motors Ebikes to the space. They will need new batteries to be operational but otherwise they seem to be in excellent shape. The Maker Space intends to make them available to members to test ride and appreciate the creative mind of Lee Iacocca, the pioneer of the ebike market.

Feb. 26, 2002 Bel Air California: Lee Iacocca at home, with his electric bike, and his PT Crusier and a photo of his golf cart he mfg's. Photos by Charles V. Tines senior staff photographer.
Feb. 26, 2002 Bel Air California:
Lee Iacocca at home, with his electric bike, and his PT Crusier and a photo of his golf cart he mfg’s.
Photos by Charles V. Tines senior staff photographer.

For those who do not remember Lee, he is the man who created the original Ford Mustang and is credited with saving Chrysler Corporation from bankruptcy back in the 1970s. Take a look at this early advertising video featuring the inventor.

As you can see from the side photo, he also had the foresight to invent the folding ebike. To read more about the history of ebikes and the influence that he brought to the table, here is a link to an blog post

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San Luis Obispo retrofit demonstration

On October 29th yours truly participated in a retrofit demonstration at the San Luis Obispo Bike Kitchen (SLO Bike Kitchen) and the SLO County Bicycle Coalition. Even though it was the final game of the World Series,  there was a packed house.

Bike Kitchen



Doug, California Ebike on left, Bob Shanbrom, whos grant made the workshop possible and Tyler Jamieson, manager of the Bike Kitchen.

Bike Kitchens have been around since the 1980s, and the earliest recorded one was in Austria. There is little documentation about how they spread, but now they’re all over the world: from Argentina to France to Ghana and over 200 in the US alone. Their common mission tends to be bike access for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. Reciprocity and self-empowerment are the key operating principles. Everyone’s contribution matters regardless of skill level.










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CNET Tests Electric Bikes on Mean Hills of San Francisco

How far up a San Francisco hill can you pedal?

CNET has released an excellent video review of the various types of electric bicycles including a showdown between an Ebike and a non-assisted pedal bicycle.

Check out the video and see which bike wins as Molly Wood, CNET Editor, races up the mega-steep hill in San Francisco.

You can’t help noticing Wood’s sincere surprise at how easy the electric bike propels her down the road. With no muss or fuss, she’s pedaling down the road and up hills.

Speaking of hills, we’re glad she’s OK, but we couldn’t help chuckle a bit at her awkward “dismount” while riding up the hill on the non-assisted bike. We’ve all been there on those steep hills, so we’re laughing with her, even if she didn’t seem too amused in the video.

Score one for the Ebike!