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EggRider V2 new product review

We are proud to announce this new featured product on our website.

Expect shipping by end of August.

EggRider features

  • Minimalist/Very compact waterproof design to not clutter your handlebar.
  • OLED screen, displaying the most important information all the time without having to connect the mobile app.
  • The display has integrated Level Up/Down buttons as well as quick mode switch Roar/OffRoad
  • Compatible with male/female 5 pin waterproof HIGO connectors (see image)
  • Voltage reading between 20V up to 62V.
  • Bluetooth LE for low power consumption.
  • Android and iOS mobile apps for more statistics and configurations.
  • Compatible with e-Bikes based on Bafang motors (including Sondors), Lishui and Kunteng controllers and many other brands we keep discovering.



2 thoughts on “EggRider V2 new product review

  1. Very nice unit. I was wondering when smaller=better would show up! Looks great! No price, though.

  2. Exciting new product. This takes the BBSxx mid drives to the logical upgrades. What really excites me about them is the low price and sterling commitment to support and upgrades. Finally an aftermarket BBSxx programming tool that works.

    Expect stellar California eBike support on this new breakthrough.

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