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Gates Carbon Drive . . . more info!

Gates Carbon Drive has publish a new manual of specs for use with the Bafang Max drive motor.For purpose built bikes.

Photo credit: Electric Bike Report

Thanks to James Dennis of Indianapolis for keeping us updated. A note to readers: this section relating to the Bafang product has since been removed from the original copy indicating there may be some unresolved issue with this information. We decided to go ahead and publish so the reader can at least glean useful information from it. click here to download GatesBafang Specs

2 thoughts on “Gates Carbon Drive . . . more info!

  1. Hello now l grease my nylon gear on bbs02 with grease gun
    l put grease fitting on my motor
    l can show you l can’t load photo on your page

    1. I would like to see that, sounds like an excellent idea

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