Daryl Neal from Lekkie is a prolific innovator and supplies California Ebike with many of our most popular products. Whenever I think their is nothing else to design, Daryl has another trick up his sleeve.

Check out these new products and click on the links to purchase.

Lekkie Bling Ring 40t package for BBS01/02 and BBSHD.


The Lekkie blingring 40T is now the smallest tooth count ring available on the market that maintains the correct offset and chain line.
Lekkie made this possible by also designing the motor drive covers to work together with the 40T ring to create the most compact offset drive ring.

Bored with Black chainrings? Try this Red one now in stock for the BBSHD in 42t.


Back by popular demand. We are now stocking the Offset Buzzbars in 160mm length. The only color offered by Lekkie is the black anodized.