Lenexa Kansas Recreation supports seniors

Lenexa Kansas and their Recreation department goes all out to support their Golden citizens with pedicab transportation operated by trained volunteers. Hats off to the city leadership and Jeremy Reimer, recreation department supervisor.

They call these pedicab rides, Senior Strolls and use trained volunteers to take seniors from the many adult living centers on rides through the many beautiful parks and trails that are maintained by the City of Lenexa.  Located just South of Kansas City and just East of Lawrence, Kansas. A city that truly cares about it’s people.

“I wanted to pass along some photos of our program that you both helped us with.  If it was not for all the help you both provided by getting our bikes hooked up with motors, we would not have been able to make this happen! 

Thank you both very much for helping us get this program up and running! “

Jeremy Reimer, Rec Supervisor

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Doug Snyder

Doug Snyder

As a proud owner of Califoria Ebike with decades of experience in industrial manufacturing, Doug is an advocate of clean technology innovation.

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