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Bafang G510 Ultra Components

The Bafang Ultra is the new wave of ebike product built for Purpose built bikes.

Limited replacement parts are now available and in stock.

Check them out under SHOP on the website.

Freewheel Clutch

Speed Sensor

Chain Wheel Lock Nut

Crank Arm Bolt
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Doug Snyder

Doug Snyder

As a proud owner of Califoria Ebike with decades of experience in industrial manufacturing, Doug is an advocate of clean technology innovation.

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California Ebike (CE) is a service center for Bafang mid-drive products. We provide free tech support and a complete inventory of Bafang parts and components, as well as specialized components and tools built by California Ebike under its own trade name. Our desire is that CE remains true to its core mission of being a customer-driven company.