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Recent install, a real dream bike

Every once in a while we get to build out what I consider to be a Dream Bike. In this case,Frank McGrath from Berkely, CA brought us his Cannondale “Lefty” to set up for all around riding and extreme grade climbing. Here is a list of the components we installed on Frank’s bike:

Frank has some hills to climb on the mountainous side of Berkeley that are more than 20% grades and with the 11×48 cassette on this bike they truly are a piece of cake. Frank loves to ride with his wife and stay in great shape. He even has a heart rate monitor on his bike and has to be careful to not over do the pedal assist so he can keep his heart rate up.


There was a lesson learned though from this build. Frank was getting an annoying noise in the higher gears of his bike, especially when climbing. After testing, we discovered that the cassette body on his rear wheel was made of aluminum and that it could not take the torque stress of the mid drive. We replaced the aluminum body with a steel body and all the noise has now gone away.



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Serious Belt Drive Commuter

Tor Stahl is a commuter that did his homework!

“Below is picture of the bike, it is a Spot Champa frame, which is made for a belt drive. The key to using a belt is to use a 3-speed IGH which is made to accept a cassette. I use the Sturmey Archer CS-RK3, SRAM makes a similar dual drive which I have seen used for the same purpose. I used your spider and spacers along with a 55 tooth front and 22 tooth CDX belt cogs. With the current set at 17, as a pedalec, I can easily travel at 30+ miles an hour on a flat, climb fairly steep hills at 20+ mph and still get plenty of range. I have about 50% battery left after my 40 mile daily commute with some decent hills involved. Motor only, the gearing is pretty high, but it will hold a speed once you put some pedaling in. The pedal clutch failed and I was able to motor home, but I had to push the bike up the steepest part on my commute, which is short. For me its perfect, I like to pedal. I use the 5 PAS levels as gears along with the 3-speed internal, giving it basically 15 speeds, I don’t know why you’d want any more gears.”



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Exciting report from the Julien’s, Quebec, Canada

Since 2016 I have had the pleasure of working with Pierre in setting up his tandem bike with the Bafang BBSHD 1000 for touring with his wife. As many folks adventure into the wilds of serious touring, Pierre is very meticulous and focused on setting up his equipment to endure the strains of the terrain. He has shared with us some commentary and photos of his adventures, perhaps to inspire others to check out what lies beyond their local scene. He and his wife shared the thrills they have had and give us a glance at their future dreams. Here’s the bike that Pierre started with along with some of his commentary:

“My Pino tandem Rear Hub is equipped with a Rolhoff :

According to Rolhoff: The maximum rear sprocket input torque must not exceed 100N and this is something that the motor vendor may not be able to provide as it depends on the primary transmission ratio you’ll be using and of course you would also generate torque yourself.

Current setup is:

  • 14speed Rolhoff Rear Hub
  • 36 inches rear wheel;
  • 20’’ front Wheel with SPINNER Aluminum Suspended fork.
  • Dynamo front hub;
  • 48T chainring
  • Rear sprockets 17-19-21T and spline carrier.
  • Guide Hydraulic brakes


I finally succeeded to install my Bafang BBSHD on our Pino semi-recumbent Tandem.  I found out I needed a 100mm axel to fit with the double crank of the Captain bottom bracket. I inserted 3 x 12mm spacers on the left side of the axel to fit with the left side front chain ring. Ouf…it was creative as you mentioned on your previous email!


This was our first ride:

As planned, we went for the SuntripTour 2017 in France last June with our Pino Tandem and Solar trailer. Unfortunately, the third day, we slipped on wet ‘’pavements tiles’’ and my wife double-fractured her pelvis.






Then, I built a E-Trike to ride the Lyon-Canton Suntrip 2018. 12,000km from France to China in 100days. This is our Blog:



Since then, she recovered well and she asked me to fly back to Nantes next June and ride again the Alpes on a 45 days journey. LOL, she is courageous! I cancelled my registration for the Suntrip2018!”

This is his new build:

HPVelotechnik Scorpion Trike,


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Hiking, Biking Adventures

I recently got acquainted with Anne & Mike Poe of Hiking Biking Adventures as they are in the process of moving to Slovenia. Anne needed a couple of batteries sent ahead to be ready when she and Mike arrive in June. If you check out their HBA website   you will find they are real pro’s in the endeavor of writing and describing their adventures. Their guidebooks give you wonderful detail and descriptions of their own experiences so you may discover the same wonderful trails armed with very helpful insights.

Hiking Telluride-Hikes Chart

As the Ebike rider base continues to expand there are more and more people discovering the enjoyment of riding an Ebike. Not only the avid bike riders but many others want to get more exercise and rediscover the great outdoors. They are finding the adventures that Anne & Mike describe in their guidebooks once again doable. Having this information readily available for the new explorers is very exciting and much needed.

Thank you Anne & Mike, we will continue to follow you with your new discoveries!



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Simple Hydraulic brake solution

The Juin Hydraulic brake system is the simplest solution for adding hydraulic brakes to any bike that can accommodate disc brakes. There are no hydraulic lines to fuss with and best of all, you use the standard Bafang cable brake levers with the electric cutoff.

Also, for those who want to continue to use, there are many that have high end or Parking Brake levers. This system would allow for that by adding in the Hidden Wire Brake Sensors.

Simple, affordable and quick installation . . . . .only $89.95

Sold as a set with:


2 calipers

2 160mm rotors

12 rotor mounting screws

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Belt Drive update

Maybe some good news to Ebike owners wanting to use the Gates belt drives on there Ebikes with IGH.

Note from Christopher:

As of March 2018, Gates now offers a CDX belt ring and cog which are Di2 specific. There is a particular offset which I believe may accommodate an Alfine 11 IGH with the BBs02. I have the cog and ring on order and should have them in hand by the end of the month. I’ll report back with findings!

We will post the results of Christopher’s install as soon as he gets back to us. We appreciate this kind of support.


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Relocate Battery mounting Holes

Finally, a component to relocate the mounting holes for your Downtube battery without drill extra holes.

B-RAD, which stands for Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device, is a system for organizing downtube battery mounting using bottle cage mounts. Available in two sizes, B-RAD bases can shift a bottle cage away from rear shocks, add room for tools or tubes below a bottle cage, or even provide space for a second bottle on downtubes.

Click on image below to go to page.









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First Outing of Spring 2018

Finally got the California Ebike Pedicab ready for the 2018 Season and took my wife Joyce for a test ride. The hills here in Benicia California are very steep and long (some 10-12%). So we switched out the 46T stock chainring for a Lekkie 36T (HD). added a BSB-1 Stabilizer bar, 48V-40Ah battery pack, and of course added  programmable LED light strings to the overhead canopy for a little extra “Bling”. We’ll be offering FREE rides at the local Farmers Market as well as Free rides and the Solano Mini Maker Faire which will be held at the Solano County Fair this year (June 30 & July 1). Perhaps we’ll even be at the Oakland Bike Fest this year. Pedicabs are such a joy to operate when the are properly set up with Bafang HD


electric assist and have the right components to navigate those steep hills fully loaded.

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Expanded offering . . Ebike Accessories . . check it out!

Ebike Accessories

We have expanded our product line to include more products that Ebiker’s need. Ebikes by their very nature require components that are designed and built to handle the extra torque and strain. Chains, tires, tubes, derailleurs, tools pedals and lubricants. Don’t find what you need, let us know. We endeavor to be a full service Ebike Shop.

In Stock Now

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Tech Tip 08H Error code (hall sensors)

From time to time we have customers telling us that they are getting an 08H error code on their display and motor won’t run. We have tested many motors and never found a faulty hall sensor. If this happens to you, try unplugging the Pedal Sensor (PAS). The black connector inside the controller housing. We are finding that when you do this the 08H problems goes away. If that is the case for you, just replace the PAS circuit. We suspect that some of these circuits are pulling down the 5v power circuit in the controller triggering the hall sensor error 08H.