52v Jumbo Shark Pack Battery

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Please note we can only ship batteries to the US and Canada.  The following shipping fee will be added at checkout: 

For US Warehouse:  $69 for US and Canada.
For Overseas Warehouse: $20 for lower 48 states and all of Canada, $69 for Alaska and Hawaii.

The all new Jumbo Shark pack features several upgrades over the Hailong3 packs. A much more durable case with a sturdy mounting foot that truly mates better with existing water bottle mounts. We have fitted one of the most advanced Smart BMS (battery management system) you will find in any Ebike Battery. This will help keep the battery safe, and reliable for the long-term and give the user access to blue tooth data for battery status and diagnosis.

52 volts (58.8v fully charged)

18650 Samsung 35E cells

Approx 857 Watt Hours for 17Ah, Approx 718 Watt Hours for 14.3Ah

2.0 amp charger included with purchase

Locking pin is spring loaded and auto locks

Power button and charge port

Press button battery gauge

All shipped Lithium ion batteries will be shipped as hazmat class 9 and will require 7 to 14 days for delivery.

Please Note* Once the battery has been shipped, there is no way to cancel the order because of Hazmat shipping rules and returning the battery to California Ebike is quite problematic because it will have to be shipped by a certified Hazmat shipper.

Tracking number will be emailed as soon as available once the battery has shipped and the number becomes available. The tracking number will not show movement until the battery has cleared US Customs. About 1 week.

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