California Ebike is proud and excited to announce the addition of Xtracycle bicycles and accessories to our line-up. The combination of Xtracycle’s superior designed cargo bikes with an electric bike conversion kit is a winning combination.

California Ebike Xtraycle Edgerunner Black profileWhat is a cargo bike you ask?

A cargo bike is a bicycle that is designed to carry much more weight than a normal bicycle. Cargo bikes are designed to carry in upwards of 200 pounds of stuff in addition to the rider. As you can see in the picture, the bike has a longer wheelbase than a normal bicycle. This is an important part of the design as it makes the bicycle more stable under heavier loads.

And by heavy we mean reports of people moving to a new apartment on the other side of town and moving everything with a cargo bike including their mattress. And a possibly more daunting task, riding home from school with two small children on the back!

Who is Xtracycle again?

Xtracycle is a bicycle company based out of Oakland, California that specializes in the the design and manufacture of cargo bikes. The simplicity and durability of their designs is based on over 15 years of development in locations around the world including Nicaragua, Kenya, and Stanford University’s engineering labs.

In addition to their cargo bikes, Xtracycle offers a full range of accessories to enhance the bicycles, giving them greater convenience and capabilities.

California Ebike Xtraycle Edgerunner BlackElectric EdgeRunner now available!

One look at the Xtracycle EdegeRunner and we knew this bike would make a great cargo ebike when paired with our Bafang 8FUN Mid Drive kit. After one test ride, we were certain this is the cargo bike to offer to our customers. The simplicity of it’s design and excellent craftsmanship make it very easy to stand behind the product and recommend it.

We think it’s a great bike, but don’t take our word for it. Bicycle Times magazine recently published a review of the Xtracycle EdgeRunner where they had the following to say.

This is an important bike. Of every cargo bike I’ve ridden (and I’ve ridden a lot), the EdgeRunner is the easiest to ride for both experienced and novice cyclists alike.

Stay tuned as there is more to come…

We are just starting to roll out the product line-up, and very soon we will feature some of the accessories that make the EdgeRunner such a versatile and capable bicycle.