D-Powercore Bluetooth BMS

Step 1

To access the diagnostic power of the D-Powercore BMS, install the App,BMS Doctor on your smart phone.

Turn your battery on.

Check the settings on your phone to be sure Bluetooth has been turned on.

Then activate the BMS Doctor App on your phone.

Make sure your battery and phone are within 20 feet of each other to get good communications.


Step 2

Once your battery is powered on and the app is active on your phone, the app will populate the screen with all Bluetooth devices that it finds. Your battery should be on this list similar to the one shown.


Step 3

The app should lock onto the battery BMS and automatically add in the password for your unit.

Click the “Sign in” button to advance to the next page.


Step 4

Now that you are connected with the BMS of the battery, you will be presented with a number of pages of analytic information. Starting with page 1 below that shows the current device number and various readings being logged through the Bluetooth connection. By scrolling down the page (#2), you can compare the voltage levels of all the cell groups to cell 1, cell 2, . . .etc. There is much more data and graphs you can inspect by toggling through the additional pages.