BBS02 Custom Build Kit

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This Bafang BBS02 kit contains all the hardware for mounting plus the main wiring harness and a speed sensor kit.  Also included are a basic bottom bracket wrench and crank arm puller.  All other items can be selected below to build the exact kit you require including throttle, Ebrakes, chainring, display, and optional items.


We offer the BBS02 in 3 configurations for standard 68/73mm bottom brackets. The most powerful motors feature a 48v motor running 750w, and the least powerful motor runs 36v with 500w.  If you have a 100mm or 120mm fat bike, we also sell custom modified 48v / 750w BBS02 motors built using our bottom bracket extension kit.

Motor Options
Main Wiring Harness

Select your main wiring harness type. Choose Magura cable if you wish to run Magura MT5e brakes, otherwise choose the standard Bafang main wiring harness.  This cable is included in the kit price.

Essential Components
Crank arms, chainring, display and battery are all required for operation.
Crank Arms


Choose your chainring based on your gearing and chainline needs.  Larger front cogs mean higher top speeds at the expense of climbing ability.



Recommended Accessories
Throttle, brake sensors, shift sensor and stabilizer bar are all recommended but are not required for the motor to operate

Brakes Sensors

Brake sensors cut motor power instantly and improve safety.  Choose between simple sensors to entire brake systems.

Shift Sensor
Stabilizer Bar

A stabilizer bar is strongly recommended for all builds to keep your motor in place and prevent damage to your bottom bracket shell

Other Accessories and Adapters
These items are not required for the motor to run but may be useful for specific builds
Programming Cable

A programming cable can be used to change the characteristics of your motor

Front Headlight
Lockring Upgrade
Handlebar Adapter

If you have drop bars or other non-standard handlebars, use these handlebar adapters to mount your display and/or throttle

Bottom Bracket Adapter

Bottom bracket adapters for PF86/92 and PF30. These adapters are only compatible with 68mm motors

Extension Cables
These cables are not usually needed on standard bikes but can be useful for tandems, recumbents, tricycles and other non-standard frames.
Main Wiring Harness Extension
Speed Sensor Extension
Throttle/Brake/Shift Sensor Extension
Battery Cable Extension
Tools and Adapters
These tools may be useful for removing existing components as well as installing your new motor.
Bottom Bracket Wrench

Bafang mid-drive motors come with a proprietary lockring with 4 notches. You will likely need one of the tools offered here in order to torque down the lockring properly.  A basic wrench is included in your kit

Crank Arm Puller

A basic crank arm puller is included with your kit

Bottom Bracket Tool

Use a bottom bracket tool to remove your existing bottom bracket before installing the motor.

Chain Tool

Order Summary

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