Color Display DPC-18

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The Bafang OEM Color Display DPC-18 is a full color display available for the Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD. 

  • Easy programming
  • Km/h or Mp/h
  • 3 button control
  • USB Power plugin for charging phone or powering light
  • Battery level sensing
  • Clock
  • Automatic back light, Black or white background can be toggled
  • Odometer, trip time, and total mileage
  • Bafang OEM version
  • This display utilizes the UART protocol

Download the manual for DPC-18


  • Rated voltage: 36V/43V/48V DC
  • Rated current: 10mA lines
  • Maximum operating current: 30mA
  • When power off, leak current is less than: 1uA
  • Operating current supplied to controller: 50mA
  • Operation temperature: -20℃~45℃
  • Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃
  • IP level: IP65
  • Storage humidity: 30%-70%

Functional Overview

  • Use of a two-way serial communication protocol, simple operation of the display via the external keypad.
  • Speed display: displaying the real-time speed as SPEED, the maximum speed as MAXS and the average speed as AVG.
  • Km or mile: The user can choose between km and mile.
  • Intelligent battery level indication: With an optimization algorithm, a stable display of the battery level is ensured, and the problem of fluctuating battery level indication common with other displays is avoided. The user can define display mode of battery level as voltage or percentage.
  • Automatic light-sensitive lights: The headlight, taillight and display backlight will be automatically turned on/ off depending on lighting conditions.
  • 5 levels off display backlighting: 10% is darkest, 100% is lightest.
  • 6-Level-Support: setting power Levels 0 to 5.
  • Trip distance indication: The maximum distance displayed is 99999. Single-trip distances TRIP or the total distance TOTAL can be displayed.
  • Display of error messages
  • Walk assistance
  • Two kinds of riding mode: “ECO”/“SPORT”
  • Intelligent display: including motor’s output power W for riding, output current A, Remaining miles RANGE, consumption of energy CALORIES.
  • Set boot password: user can set boot password by himself.
  • Set parameters: Various parameters, e.g. power assistance level, wheel diameter, speed limit etc., can be set on the computer via a communication cable. Please see the detailed in the description of the computer parameter configuration.
  • Through the display, it can switch wheel diameter and speed limit.