C961 Motor Calibration Display for Ultra M620 G510 (UART)

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When replacing the Bafang M620 UART controller, the motor may not function properly (excessive vibration, reverse running etc), indicating that you may need to calibrate the motor. 

This LCD with special firmware can be used to calibrate the M620 UART motor after replacing the controller. 

This LCD can also work as a standard Bafang LCD display for the Bafang UART motors.

For information on how to calibrate your motor with this display, please see the instructions available here.


This display is only for use with UART motors (round green connector). It is not compatible with CAN motors (triangular green connector).

This calibration LCD can only be used with the controller version "CR R10M.1000.SN.U 1.5". You can check the controller version number on the controller.