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EggRider V2 Display

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We are currently stocking the NEW 2022 version with black power button and enlarged +/-buttons.   The EggRider display is far and away the greatest display for Bafang motors.  Compact and stylish. it allows for motor programming using your phone or other mobile device.  The EggRider also allows for two programming profiles unlike other displays.

The EggRiders we sell are only compatible with Bafang Mid-Drives with UART protocol (round green connector).  Not compatible with Rad brand bikes or any other motor system.

Download the manual for the EggRider V2 Display

  • Compact design to not clutter your handlebar
    (75mm x 47mm x 35mm, 31g, handlebar diameter 22.2mm)
  • Dust and water resistant – IP65 protection
  • OLED screen, displaying the most important information all the time without having to connect the mobile app.
  • The display has integrated Level Up/Down buttons as well as quick mode switch Roar/OffRoad
  • Voltage reading between 20V up to 62V.
  • Bluetooth LE for low power consumption.
  • Android and iOS mobile apps for more statistics and configurations.
  • Only compatible with Bafang mid-drive motors which use the UART protocol (round green connector)
  • Not compatible with Bafang mid-drive motors which use CANBUS protocol (triangle-shaped green connector)
  • Not compatible with Bafang Ultra motors which use a dual battery system.  Using an EggRider with a dual battery may cause damage to both the EggRider and motor controller.
  • Not compatible with Bafang hub motors
  • Not compatible with RadRunner, MateX, Lishui, Urban Drivestyle, ASI, CYC or CoastCycles

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