MT5e eBike Disc Brake

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This moto-style 4 piston disc brake system features a brake lever with the switches necessary to activate drive cut-out on BBS02 or BBSHD and also activate brake lights on compatible e-bikes.  Brake system includes lever, caliper, and pre-bled brake lines.  Just add rotors.

  • 4 piston stopping power
  • Flip-flop lever design works on right or left side with either brake
  • Electronic switch connects to brake lights and automatically cuts electric drive
  • 3mm allen actuated reach adjust
  • Royal Blood mineral oil
  • MagnetiXchange system allows easy pad changes

This item includes one brake system suitable for one wheel.  For two wheels, buy two of this item.

Additional Specifications:

HIGO Closer NO: closes a normally open system
Tubing length: 2,200 mm
Cable length: 150 mm
Weight: 275 g
Material housing: Carbotecture®
Lever blade: 3-finger aluminium lever blade with ball-end
Reach Adjust: 3 mm allen key
Color: master black / caliper black
Accent color: silver
Recommended rotor: Storm HC & MDR-C / -CL 160 / 180 / 203 mm; MDR-P 180 / 203 / 220 mm