We're here to help. 

We offer a wide range of services for both existing and future customers. You can use the form below to contact us.

Pre-Build Consultation / Troubleshooting Existing Installations

Need advice on what products to buy for that perfect build?  Having a problem with the installation?  If our help documents aren't enough, please use the form below to schedule a consultation by phone.

Customer support is free if you bought your motor from us.  If you purchased your motor from another retailer, phone support is $45 per half hour.  If we can't resolve the issue over the phone, we will credit 50% of phone support fees (up to $50) towards mail-in repairs .

Local Conversions and Repairs

For our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can convert you bike into an ebike, perform general repairs, and even fix your damaged motor. 

Mail-in Repair

If you can't visit us in person, you are welcome to ship your motor to us to be repaired.  

Rates for repairs

  • If you have purchased your motor from us: $75 per hour (must include order number and serial number).
  • If you purchased your motor elsewhere: $90 per hour plus return shipping costs

Contact us for Service Inquiries