DM02 - 500w Torque Sensing Motor Kit

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California Ebike is now accepting orders for ToSeven mid-drive motors with an integrated torque sensor!  

The DM02 is capable of up to 500W power output and 90N.m of torque.

The DM02 kit does not come with a throttle.  

These motors are sold as a complete kit which includes all hardware and accessories required for operation, excluding a battery.


The stock chainrings are made of steel and are not narrow wide.  Chainring sizes are 36t, 42, 46t or 52t, with all chainrings being offset except the 36t which has no offset. 

Both motor chainring spiders will work with any 5 bolt 110bcd ring. We are currently testing a variety of chainrings with the spider and will update as we have additional options available.

For more information and specifications, please visit the ToSeven website
Spec Sheet for DM02

Note: The DM-02 motor must not be programmed above 15 amps or the controller may be damaged

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