California Ebike knows pedicabs!

We are very familiar with the needs of pedicab drivers here at California Ebike and are excited to offer an industry special discount exclusively for pedicabbers. Our "Pedicabber Special" kit offers a base motor kit with your choice of throttle, chainring, brake sensors and display, all for one low flat rate. Please use the contact form below to inquire about pricing.

When multiple options are available, the most commonly selected option will be in bold.

Pedicabber Special

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Bafang BBSHD 52v 68mm
includes all mounting hardware,
speed sensor with extension cable,
main wiring harness,
and crank arms


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  • Stock 46T chainring
  • Upgrade to Lekkie Bling Ring chainring in various sizes (Add 80% of listed price of chainring to the kit total price) We've used the 28T and 36T when pedicabbing weddings on steep roads in the Santa Cruz mountains.


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Recommended add-ons

  • Chain guide - Prevents your chain from coming off of the chainring 
  • Shift Sensor - Cuts power to the motor for 1/3 of a second while shifting to prevent chain breakage
  • Programming cable - Allows you to change the controller settings
  • Bottom Bracket Wrench - Needed to properly for tighten the Bafang lockring
  • Spare Speed Sensor Kit - HIGHLY recommended to keep an extra on hand at all times; if the sensor is damaged, the motor will not run

A final note that we tell all pedicab operators: A pedicab with a Bafang motor should be treated as an electric assisted pedicab, not an electric vehicle. Failure to do so could damage the stator, rotor, or controller. As long as drivers operate in the correct gear, shift down before stopping, pedal when starting up from a stop, and use the throttle appropriately, these motors will be strong, long-lasting, and allow drivers to maximize earnings.

We look forward to helping you upgrade your pedicab. Let us know if you have any questions using the contact form below

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