41mm Press-Fit Cup

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A 41mm outer diameter, 33.5mm inner diameter cup that presses into a frame to allow fitment of a standard Bafang motor.

Install 2x Lekkie 41mm Press-Fit Cup for 41mm BB bikes where the Lekkie BB86/92 Adapter can’t be fitted. This will allow you to fit a Bafang motor of the correct length to a 41mm press-fit BB fat bike or wide BB. If you are wanting to fit a 68/73mm Bafang motor to a BB86, BB90 or BB92 check out the BB86/92 Adapter here.

Note: You may wish to discuss your build with us before purchasing. These are mainly used in fat bikes or unique builds.

Includes 1x Drive Cup. You will need to purchase 2x cups, one for each side of the BB.