Controller for Ultra M620 G510

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Replacement controller for Ultra M620 G510 mid motor.  Available in either UART or CANBUS versions.  

No Warranty on Controllers
Please note: Bafang tests and certifies all controllers before they leave the factory but NO warranty is provided for this product.


Calibration is required for all controllers
The UART controller can be calibrated with a C961 display that has specific firmware for the UART protocol only. A specific procedure will be needed in order for the calibration to work correctly.

The CANBUS controller MUST be calibrated by using a Bafang BESST tool and software.  This is something that must be performed here at California Ebike; we do not carry customer CANBUS calibration tools at this time.

We strongly recommend that you mail your motor in to calibrate the new controller. We do not accept returns on our controllers, including in the event that you are unable to calibrate the new controller to your motor.