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Lekkie ONENUT is a full CNC machined motor lock nut with a built in locking function that replaces both stock motor locking nuts.

One nut to rule them all!

We are excited to introduce a clever little product that will make installations easier and add extra quality and bling to your bike.

The Onenut is born out of the frustration of having to find a non existent tool to tighten the main bottom bracket nut when installing the BBS kits. Also, when you are fitting to a 73mm bottom bracket, the Bafang cover can not be fitted.

The Lekkie Onenut is a single fastener that can be tightened with a standard Shimano bottom bracket tool, or the Lekkie Sixteen-44 tool.  Once tightened the One nut has a locking feature, by tightening 2 grub screws the nut locks to the bottom bracket thread, and can not shake loose or rotate. For customer installations this is a must add on. Cheaper than buying a specific tool for the Bafang nut and completes the look. 

Why have two nuts when you only need Onenut?

Designed in New Zealand in true Lekkie style to be the premium choice!


Currently available in Slick color only