Sixteen-44 Socket

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Finally some quality tools to fit your motor to your frame!

The Lekkie Sixteen-44 Socket is a full CNC 7075 T6 16-notch socket is designed specifically for Bafang motor fitment. Also fits threaded bottom brackets with 16-notch tool fittings. As hard wearing as it is beautiful, this socket will last years and years of motor installs.

With both 3/8″ socket tool engagement you can easily use a torque wrench to get those lock nuts tighten up to spec. Or use the 32mm hex if you don’t have a ratchet.

Designed in New Zealand in true Lekkie style to be the premium choice!

  • This tool is used to remove or install the outer M33 lockring on BBS02 or BBSHD
  • Can also be used to remove the chainring lockring on Ultra and other Bafang motors

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